Vacation and rest in desert environment

Desert Home

GavanRomi desert home is a unique, pleasant and quiet holiday home, situated in the desert settlement of Midreshet Ben Gurion / Sde Boker. 

The desert home is spacious and relaxing. It's made up of two bed rooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom & toilet and two big terraces. We have taken great care to furnish the place in a manner that is comfortable, tasteful and aesthetic . 

Our place is situated in a quiet neighborhood, the first such neighborhood built in the settlement. It's adjacent to the Zin cliff and has great views from all the windows and the terraces. In addition to the tranquility, the privacy and the comfort that the home provides, one can also enjoy from the attractions and activities available in the proximity of our community; Ein Avdat, Ben Gurion's hut, hiking routes, biking routes, jeep tours, ancient sites (ruins) and excavations and many other things…  

In our little oasis in the desert, there is: A supermarket, a coffee shop, a small restaurant, a fitness gym, a pizza shop, a bike store (for hiring as well), a children's playground and a swimming pool (open only during summer period).  

For more details and for booking, please contact us. 


Midreshet Ben Gurion - The area and the community 

Midreshet Ben Gurion - The surrounding

Midreshet Ben Gurion [Ben Gurion College] is situated in-between Beer Sheba and Mizpe Ramon, in Sde Boker region. It's a 45 minutes drive from Beer Sheba, 30 minutes drive from Mizpe Ramon. 20 minutes from Yeruham and 5 minutes from kibbutz Sde Boker. It's immediate surrounding is made up of; the "Halukim hills" to it's west and north west; the national parks "Ovdat" & "Ein Avdat" to it's south; "Gan ha Pesalim" and "the Zin valley" to it's east; and to it's north lies "Sedot Zin" (the Zin Fields) and kibbutz "Sde Boker". On a larger scale, Midreshet Ben Gurion and it's immediate surroundings are almost entirely engulfed by Israel's 3rd largest nature reserve; the Zin Cliffs nature reserve.

It's geographical location and it's surrounding filled with nature reserves and national parks, makes Midreshet Ben Gurion a very convenient base for desert treks and hikes. Whether on foot, on bike or in jeep, be they hard or easy, the routes are all just as much enjoyable.

In addition to the many walking biking and jeep routes around Midreshet Ben Gurion, there are also other attractions in the vicinity, such as:

•   The Dead Sea and the fascinating landscape around it (only an hour's drive from us, with many things to     do and observe on the way) .

•   Nebetian ruins and excavations: Ovdat, Mamshit & Shibta.

•   Craters: Ramon crater at Mizpe Ramon & the Big and Small craters by Yeruham.

•   The carpentry – a unique phenomenon of the nature that's worth a visit.

•   Mizpe Revivim- The first of the Jewish settlements and the southern most, before the formation of the state     of Israel.

•   Ben Gurion's desert home in kibbutz Sede Boker.

•   Park Golda & the Neve Midbar mineral baths.

If all this is not enough, you can just lay back and relax in our comfortable, quiet & relaxing desert home with views of the Zin valley and Zin Cliffs. You are most likely going to see some desert mountain goats from the terraces of our home. They come around all the year round and it's a fascinating sight! 


Midreshset Ben Gurion- The community 

Midreshet Ben Gurion is located off HW 40 between Beer Sheba and Mitzpe Ramon. It's about 50 Kms to the south of Beer Sheva and about 5 Km to the south of Kibbutz Sede Boker. It's popularly referred to, by it's residents, as "Midrasha". Literal translation of the name Midrasha is "College". Thus Midreshet Ben Gurion stands for; "Ben Gurion's College".

As suggested per it's name, the "Midrasha" was originally founded with the intention of being an institution of advanced studies, a sort of Oxford in the Negev Desert. This idea of an Israeli Oxford in the desert was envisioned by Ben Gurion himself. Ben Gurion the founding father and the first prime minister of Israel, was a strong advocate of settling and flourishing the Negev desert. In keeping with his ideals, after retiring from the priministership of Israel, David Ben Gurion and his Wife Paula moved to the Negev and settled in kibbutz Sede Boker.

Although the idea of such a place (educational center) was conceived around the year1953 and basic arrangements to bring up the place, started off around the same time, the official foundation for the place was laid 10 years later, in 1963.

About 10 years later, in 1974, the institutes for desert research was established. The Desert Research Institutes is the campus of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Beer Sheva), in Midreshet Ben Gurion. Also the same year, temporary structures were put up, in order to house employees and staff working in the Midrasha.

In 1976 (after Ben Gurion's death), the Israeli Knesset passed the law known as; The Ben Gurion law- "in memory of Ben Gurion & his contributions (to the state of Israel) and for the preservation of Ben Gurion's legacy". Per the guide lines of this law, "the institute for Ben Gurion's heritage" was established, in Midreshet Ben Gurion.

The 1980's saw the construction of the first concrete houses, in the neighbourhood called "Neve Zin", which groups a total of 78 private houses. Towards the end of the 90's the first part of "Neve boker" neighbourhood, (90 houses) was constructed.

In 2003 Midreshet Ben Gurion was declared a communal settlement.

Today, Midreshet Ben Gurion consists of: The institute for the research of Zionism, The desert research institutes (an extension of Ben Gurion University), a field school, a high school for environmental education and an ever growing communal settlement.

[It has to be mentioned here that, over the years, the desert research institutes have turned out to be a research institution of great reputation and demand, on international level.]

Midreshet Ben Gurion also houses the modest cemetery of David and Paula Ben Gurion. Situated in the tranquility of the place, on a cliff overlooking a charming desert scenery, the spot was chosen by Ben Gurion himself, to burry his beloved wife (with the intention of being buried next to her after his own death).

The settlement of Midreshet Ben Gurion, itself, is situated by the edge of a cliff overlooking the Zin river valley, the zin cliffs and endless stretches of desert scenery. Surrounded by desert wilderness, the place is a source for recharging and refilling the spirit.


Midreshet Ben Gurion - Location Map