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 GavanRomi [Celestial Nuance]

GavanRomi specializes in organized tours to the Orient & Israel's Negev Desert.  

As a company excelling in exotic tours and travels, GavanRomi's goal is to provide authentic experiences to people who would like very much to taste the specialties of those places.

Like wise, GavanRomi's trips are planned and organized in a way that, although being group tours, each individual has a unique and personal experience.

Great care is taken to make the trips comfortable and the tours are suitable for the elderly as well as the young. All the routes, courses and tracks of each individual trip, are always planned with utmost care and are personally checked out by our tour guide.

Similarly, before setting off on a tour, the participants are thoroughly briefed and prepared for the tour.


Nepal, India, Tibet, Sri Lanka & the Negev Desert/Israel are currently the countries and places that we    specialize in.

For more information and for planning/booking a tour, please contact us today